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Regenerative Turbine Technology

Dissolving Gases Into Fluids

The MAX RGT® pump brings a unique high quality design to the industrial gas dissolution fluid marketplace. The MAX RGT® series of pumps are built to give superior service and reliability at an economical price. Each pump is built with an easy service design for low maintenance and long life. With efficient hydraulics, tuned impellers and exacting blade profiles the MAX RGT® can generate up to a twenty percent gas to liquid dissolution ratio.

self-priming trash pump, sump pump


Self-Priming Trash Pump

Centrifugal Fluid Pumping Solution

The MAX TRS pump is a ruggedly designed industrial pump built for continuous water and wastewater applications. The MAX TRS self-priming centrifugal trash pump offers high efficiency water transfer without clogging. The MAX TRS close-coupled 316 stainless steel pump produces high flow rates under low head conditions. Designed for continuous low pressure circulation and transfer of non-flammable liquids, water circulation and aggressive liquid applications.